Ian and I have been hard at work developing new tunes for the upcoming acoustic record. We don’t want to quite rule out any options yet, but we do have some concrete ideas for what we’ll be releasing, and we’re getting pretty damn excited about it!

The plan is basically to do a video EP.  The acoustic duo always goes over great when we perform live, but we think the visual impact of what we’re doing tends to get lost in recorded form. So we figure a video EP is a good way to show the world what we do. We thought about doing a full length LP since we’re certainly not lacking for material, but figured it makes more sense to just focus on 5 or 6 of our very best songs and give them everything we got.

We’re laying relatively low for the next couple months to put the work in on this EP, but we’ll still be playing the odd local show here and there (check the Shows page for updates). In the spring we’ll be touring all over the northeast playing colleges, so we’ll likely be scheduling bar gigs/house concerts around those dates for all our outside-NYC fans. Stay tuned! It’s gonna be a good year 🙂

-Mike and Ian