Hunt for Hunter “No Locks & No Bars” Press Release

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No Locks & No Bars


Typically a duo, Hunt for Hunter (Ian Hunt on drums/vocals and Michael Hunter on violin/guitar/vocals) first began toying around with the idea of 4-person lineup in the summer of ‘15. They recruited Diwas Gurung (guitar) and Drew Jones (bass), and within a few jam sessions discovered that many of the songs originally written for the duo format naturally became more powerful with the fuller instrumentation.

The reception of the new lineup at live shows proved enthusiastic, and Hunter began writing songs specifically with the full band in mind, taking advantage of Gurung’s technical skills and knack for ambient sounds along with Jones and Hunt’s natural chemistry as a rhythm section.  A new sound evolved, blending the tone of a violin with electric guitar, adventurous but accessible songwriting and above all else music that moves and thrills its listeners.